You need to call us at +1(973)873-1301 or +1(973)679-4786 and coordinate date and time of delivery of your car to our warehouse. Also we give you directions to us. The specified time you bring car, leave the keys and give the Certificate of Title (or M.C.O.) and … fixed amount for shipment. You get a Warehouse receipt with the estimated date of shipment of container from port of loading and estimated date of arrival of container to port of destination. Within a few days you will be told the containers number. Now you have to wait for the arrival of the containers and prepare for customs formalities.

Under supplemental agreement our personnel will make several photographs showing condition of car at your instructions and we will send them to your e-mail.

The key condition for loading the car into the container is the availability of original Certificate of Title in our warehouse. Absence of Certificate of Title does not allow us to proceed with loading. This makes it possible to avoid subsequent claims (penalties) by the US Customs.

Transportation can takes between 15 and 40 days, depending on the port of destination. For example: New York-Bremerhaven – from 12 to 15 days, New York-Novorossiysk – 30-35 days, New York-Poti – 35-40 days. However, you have to remember that, for instance, to load three cars like Toyota Camry in the same direction, three customers are required wishing to transport their car to the same destination. This usually takes from two to seven days (depending on the destination). Add to that, in accordance with the laws of the United States , Customs have to approve the shipping out of cars in a container from the United States . Currently, it takes between five and 14 days. Immediately after getting confirmation the shipping line automatically puts this container on the load-list to the nearest ship. However there is a schedule of sailings.
For you to decide if 20 days are feasible or …

Yes, it is possible, but you need to inform us immediately and supply us with the new receiver, in order for us to change the receiver with our agent at the port of destination, especially if the car has not been released to the previous receiver yet.

This is not correct. In some countries there is even preferential customs taxes for cars not having first registration (which means the Certificate of Title was not issued for that car). Therefore, please contact your local customs broker to know what type of document is better for you.

Each receiver pays for unloading the container from the vessel correspondingly to the quantity of cars inside as well as forwarding assistance at the port. It is common that receiver to appoints the forwarder, who will represent the receiver in port authorities while arranging documentation at the port. Customs broker services are payable separately if receiver decide to appoint such a broker.

There are storage and demurrage charges for containers (as we cannot discharge containers without documents from all receivers) – the longer the car will be in the container, the higher such charges will be. The term free of demurrage and storage is- 5-7 days depending on the shipping line. After the free period storage and demurrage increases in geometrical progression.

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