Customs clearance

We can arrange customs clearance on your behalf, with fiscal representation and we can also issue T1 documents. Incoming clearance is handled as quickly as possible, after which import duty and VAT must be paid.

Documentation should be cleared by U.S. Customs and Border Protection prior to the loading of the cargo on board. We can handle this important step for you. If you can not get it to us, we are happy to go get it for you.

Before cargo can be dispatched by sea, the customs documents must be in order. For this, we require the following:

  • Original Title (registration document)
  • Bill of sale of the vehicle
  • SED (Shipper’s Export Declaration, details of buyer and seller)
  • Commercial invoices and packing lists
  • Invoice / statement of the paid/payable freight costs (if applicable)
  • POA

Once the container has arrived at the port of entry, Hungarian Transatlantic arranges with the shipping company for it to leave the port. Our customs department will clear the vehicle through customs at our warehouse. To this end, they need the following documents:

  • Copy of Original Title
  • Purchase invoice for the vehicle
  • Direct Representation